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Chief Motherfucking Goddess, Pusher of Self Love, Expletive Enthusiast and Female Founder - sometimes called Kayleigh launched Obscene Self Love from her passion for empowering people - especially women.

Kayleigh is on a mission to change how we think about affirmations and bring some sass to the scene. Creating a range of gifts (yes, you can buy yourself presents too!) that encourage females around the world to claim their worth and feel their most confident selves.

Every product is designed by Kayleigh with fierce, feminine, unapologetic "I Am" affirmations at the forefront of her mind. The bold typography style has been crafted to make sure your self love is heard loud and clear.

We really care about the environment too, so all cotton is organic and we work with eco conscious suppliers to make sure the biggest impact we are making is with words rather than footprint.

Female Founder of Obscene Self Love